Altar Serving

Thank you for your interest in Altar Serving, and your willingness to serve our Parish in this beautiful way.


Altar Servers assist the priest before, during, and after the celebration of the Mass.  Through their special involvement in the liturgy, Altar Servers are called to become closer to Jesus in the Eucharist.  Altar Servers also have the unique opportunity to model prayerfulness and active participation for the assembly. 
Boys and girls from 5th grade to 12th grade are eligible to become Altar Servers at St. Ignatius. Training sessions for new Altar Servers are offered twice per year – please pay attention to the bulletin for upcoming training dates, contact the Rectory for more information or email at


“Lord, help us to give You glory
as we serve at Mass today. 
May we serve faithfully, participate fully, and grow
in our love for You and Your Church.  Amen."