Rev. Guency Isaac
Assistant Pastor

My name is Fr. Guency Isaac, I was born on August 12, 1977, and I am originally from Cerca- Carvajal, Haiti. I am the son of Mrs. Cecile Noel Isaac and Mr. Jean E. Isaac. I am the oldest brother of seven children with four sisters, Quintine, Lisette, Gerberth and Marie-Dianette, and two youngest brothers, Jean-Kebreau and Chartelin. My mother and father were born and raised in Haiti and most of my family lives in Haiti, United States and Canada.

My mother serves as a nurse at the parish clinic for the past forty years, she was the only nurse for the entire community from the eighties to the nineties without a single physician available. My father is a teacher of social studies and French literature.

I was baptized and confirmed in the Catholic Church, and grew up in my home church which is Holy Family.  I attended Holy Family Grade School in Cerca-Carvajal, my hometown, and St Martin de Porrès High School in the nearby city of Hinche which has also a Manor Seminary for young men who already attend in that same high school. I graduated from Saint Martin de Porrès High School in 1998. The same year I was accepted in “Propedeutic” (pre-Seminary) and later at Major Seminary Notre-Dame to begin my college year and after two years, I started my journey in Theology studies for another four years.


On December 7, 2005, I was ordained priest for the Holy Catholic Church. After three years of service at the Cathedral Church of Hinche, I was sent to France to follow the tradition of the diocese of sending priests over to serve the diocese of Meaux (A suburban diocese nearby Paris) At the same time I completed a License Degree (PH in Philosophy at Catholic Institute of Paris. The experience in France shapes my willingness to come in USA, and the permission has been granted by the bishop of Hinche, Haiti to pursue my priestly vocation in the Diocese of Allentown. I spent three years at St Joseph the Worker and at the same time I attended Villanova for a master in Church Management, and Now I am delighted on the assignment of the Bishop of Allentown to continue my service at St Ignatius Loyola in Sinking Spring, PA.

In term of hobbies, I like to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I realize I am not too different than many others, I like good food, and enjoy sports, I played Volleyball, Basketball, Soccer, and I am a great fan of US Open Tennis. I also like action, romantic movies, and investigation series like Blue Bloods. My favorite movie is Rambo of Sylvester Stallone. I like to run; I twice ran the 5 K “Nun Run” for the Sisters of the Sacred Heart in Reading. I like enjoying time with family and friends around a good meal, I like traveling and listening to a good Kompa (Haitian upbeat music) and enjoy going to the beach in Haiti.

I do believe when God calls, He calls many ways and in life no one ever knows where he or she will be end up being. All for the great glory of God.

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