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Our Religious Education Program, formally known as “CCD” is getting a makeover…
Our program has been updated in order to provide students with a better sense of community and service to others,
while promoting increased family-focused faith time.  Beginning with our younger family members, large group
instruction, small group discussion/sharing and creative rotation will be incorporated into the morning.  Our older
children will also experience large and small group time, along with more in-depth service opportunities.  Our goal is
a program which respects hectic family schedules and also encourages a family bonding based on growing in the
faith together.

Here are some highlights for 2017-18:
  •  Classes run from September through April and include:
  •  Two sessions (classes) on campus per month
  •  Monthly Family Faith Days & Supplemental Learning (Family-Focused Faith)

  •  All PREP classes held on Sundays:  
  •  K-4:  Sunday mornings from 10:15 – 11:45 am
  •  5-8:  Sunday evenings from 6:45 – 8:15 pm
Students in K-4 will enjoy...
  •  Stronger faith community and group service    
  •  Team approach to teaching
  •  Large group instruction by level/grade – little to no
  •  Learning opportunities through skits (performed by
         older students) to jump start each session
  •  Rotation of groups to different educational zones
  •  All students gather in the gym for final prayer and  
Students in 5-8 will experience…
  •  Stronger faith community and group service
  •  Team approach to teaching
  •  Traditional instruction in classrooms
  •  Large group instruction outside the classroom
  •  Supplemental learning in preparation for small
         group discussions
  •  Additional service opportunities offered  
What does this mean for parents?
  •  Opportunity for more family-focused faith (at Mass, parish events/activities, family time, bonding opportunities
         on a faith level)
  •  Decrease in number of sessions
  •  Supplemental learning for parents and students
  •  One drop-off location and one pick-up location for all students
Already registered in our program?

All families that have been previously registered in
program, please fill out and return the Family
Re-registration Form below:

Family Re-Registration Form
New to our program?

Students that have not previously been in our program will
require a New Student Registration Form found below:

New Student Registration Form
All forms can be delivered to the Religious Education Office by mail (or in person) to:
2710 St. Albans Drive, Reading, PA 19609

We will be accepting registration (and re-registration) forms after Masses on Sunday, August 6, 2017 in the John
Paul II Room.   A 2017-18 PREP calendar and tuition fee statement will be emailed once registration form is received.

Registration forms are due by Sunday, August 6, 2017.
Interested in volunteering?
Adults and students in grades 6-12 are always encouraged to apply!  We would love to talk with you about all the
fun and exciting volunteer opportunities.  Please give us a call at 610.678.0676 or fill out and return the
Volunteer Form.